You are what you eat,so why not be perfect?TM


Help show your support by ordering Perfect Pita Catering for our local heroes: Local Hospital Staff Doctors’ Offices and Dialysis Centers Grocery Store Staff Police and Fire Departments Veterinary Clinics and Animal Shelter Staffs Mental Health Clinics and Counselors...

Southern Women’s Show Richmond

Sample four flavors of our homemade hummus. Stop by our booth in the Commonwealth Building and find your favorite. See you at the Show! March 20-22, 2020. Check out the lineup for this year’s show and get your tickets.

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““You make the best hummus. We buy it at Whole Foods, but they can’t seem to keep it in stock. We love it. ”

– Tom, March 18, 2019.

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“@theperfectpita your red pepper hummus is quite possibly the best hummus I've ever had thank you for creating this ”

-@murnbabymurn (Twitter, 7/1/2016)

“Dear Veggie Hummus Pita from @ThePerfectPita: To me, you are Perfect.”

-@kushaanshah (Twitter, 5/7/2016)

“Best Pita and Hummus in #DMV” -MelSellsNOVA

(Twitter, 1/19/2016)

“They gave me a spoon with my hummus at @ThePerfectPita, and I was just like how did they knoooow #hummusaddict”

-@lauralindalou (Twitter, 11/2/2015)

“I also use my fingers to get the last of my @ThePerfectPita hummus. #dontjudgeme”

- @matyekim (Twitter, 8/5/2015)

Mediterranean Sampler from @ThePerfectPita = energy to motor thru the rest of the day #Ilovegoodfood”

- @neelimaysay (Twitter, 4/21/2014)

“It’s official. @ThePerfectPita has officially made any other food option an inferior option. I never want anything else ever again. #Love!”

– GerriMadalene (Twitter, 11/6/2013)

“It’s little short of magic, what they do here @ThePerfectPita”

-checkypantz (Twitter, 4/17/2013)

“Veggie falafel pita with black bean cilantro hummus from @ThePerfectPita may have just changed my life. Or at least my afternoon. Wowsa.”

- @mctaitertot (Twitter, 2/28/2013)

“The Perfect Pita hummus and pita bread. Words cannot express my love (borderline addiction) for this stuff.”

-Emily (Facebook, 3/30/2015)

“Pita of the Perfect Persuasion.”

– SC O (Yelp, 11/19/2015)

You are what you eat,so why not be perfect?TM