You are what you eat,so why not be perfect?TM

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“@theperfectpita your red pepper hummus is quite possibly the best hummus I've ever had thank you for creating this ”

-@murnbabymurn (Twitter, 7/1/2016)

“Dear Veggie Hummus Pita from @ThePerfectPita: To me, you are Perfect.”

-@kushaanshah (Twitter, 5/7/2016)

“Best Pita and Hummus in #DMV” -MelSellsNOVA

(Twitter, 1/19/2016)

“They gave me a spoon with my hummus at @ThePerfectPita, and I was just like how did they knoooow #hummusaddict”

-@lauralindalou (Twitter, 11/2/2015)

“I also use my fingers to get the last of my @ThePerfectPita hummus. #dontjudgeme”

- @matyekim (Twitter, 8/5/2015)

Mediterranean Sampler from @ThePerfectPita = energy to motor thru the rest of the day #Ilovegoodfood”

- @neelimaysay (Twitter, 4/21/2014)

“It’s official. @ThePerfectPita has officially made any other food option an inferior option. I never want anything else ever again. #Love!”

– GerriMadalene (Twitter, 11/6/2013)

“It’s little short of magic, what they do here @ThePerfectPita”

-checkypantz (Twitter, 4/17/2013)

“Veggie falafel pita with black bean cilantro hummus from @ThePerfectPita may have just changed my life. Or at least my afternoon. Wowsa.”

- @mctaitertot (Twitter, 2/28/2013)

“The Perfect Pita hummus and pita bread. Words cannot express my love (borderline addiction) for this stuff.”

-Emily (Facebook, 3/30/2015)

“Pita of the Perfect Persuasion.”

– SC O (Yelp, 11/19/2015)

You are what you eat,so why not be perfect?TM