Help show your support by ordering Perfect Pita Catering for our local heroes:

  • Local Hospital Staff
  • Doctors’ Offices and Dialysis Centers
  • Grocery Store Staff
  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Veterinary Clinics and Animal Shelter Staffs
  • Mental Health Clinics and Counselors
  • Elderly or Disabled neighbors
  • Teachers and Educators

Ordering is easy!

Visit and click Lend a Helping Hand. Order and pay online or over the phone (703-644-0004). We will take care of the rest. Deliveries can be made Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, with 24 hours notice.

Helping Hand Specials:

Stuffed Pita Tray for 10 people (20 half pitas in wax bags) – $100
4-Chicken & Steak
2-Falafel (Vegetarian)
Includes: 10 bags of a variety of Route 11 Chips, Hummus in a Bottle (the safe way to share hummus) and pita chips

Boxed Lunches for 10 people – $120
Box includes: Stuffed pita sandwich, 2oz hummus with pita chips and a piece of baklava. (4 Chicken, 4 Chicken & Steak, and 2-Falafel (Vegetarian)